The Dyas Team


Mr. Craig F. Dyas

Mr. Craig F. Dyas is a forty-year veteran of the commercial real estate profession. For 25 years, he has been the qualifying broker and manager of DYAS, LLC Commercial Realtors and Developers.

In addition to his extensive experience with commercial real estate and development, Mr. Dyas has experience in multiple business/ market segments with leasing and land sales, 10-31 tax deferred exchanges as well as experience and positions in mining/minerals, food production, manufacturing, lubricants and distribution.


Mr. Jacob Daniel Dyas, Sr.

Mr. J. Daniel Dyas, Sr is the manager of DYAS Construction managmeent and of counsel with DYAS , LLC Commercial Realtors and Developers. Mr. Daniel Dyas has 20 years of experience in construction and development. Having participated in and overseen projects in excess of $100 Million, he has experience needed to deliver projects of that size. His expertise in project management, sourcing of materials and labor, as well as scheduling, and construction finance are all wide reaching.

Mr. Dyas has proudly headed up and managed various expansion initiatives for numerous national and international companies and institutions.


Mr. David Hudgens

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Hudgens' experience in project management is hard to match. Having been involved in numerous projects ranging from nuclear power facilities to retail and residential construction developments, Mr. Hudgens offers a unique and well rounded perspective, shedding light on potential risks and pitfalls long before they become a problem, saving time and cost in the delivery of the projects with which he may be involved.


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