Dyas Construction

Energy Services Division

DYAS Construction Management is here to accommodate all of your needs for building, re-imaging and maintaining convenience stores. The service we offer include: pre-construction design consultation, energy audits, project planning and delivery. We aim to be your partner when it comes to building or improving your convenience store. Pumps, tanks, car wash equipment and vacuums. We can design, install and maintain you facility.

Healthcare Division

Offices and other specialty facilities are often custom tailored to the needs of our healthcare clients. Each healthcare specialty is unique and has special considerations when it comes to building a new office or facility. With our extensive experience in the field, we are able to make it as easy as pie, assisting our clients from start to finish, allowing them to focus on the well being of their patients and their practices, while we handle the heavy lifting of delivering their new facility.

Utilities and Infrastructure Division

DYAS Construction Management has the expertise and the experience to assist customer's with the complexities of many types of modern utility and infrastructure projects. From boring of overhead utilities, to widening of a US Highway to accommodate a client's access requirements. DYAS has the experience to deal with the numerous stakeholders, permitting requirements, and the complexities of design and project delivery assisting our clients in achieving their desired objectives and project requirements, while always being mindful of budgets, schedules and quality and most importantly: Safety!

Historic Buildings Division

The restoration professionals at DYAS Construction Management have built experience in restoring some of America's finest and most historic properties, including Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and James Madison's Montpelier The DYAS Historic Buildings Division is dedicated to authentic restoration, using first class quality craftsmanship. We have experience in relocating structures when the situation requires such and restoring them to United States Department of Interior standards, which can occassionaly avail our clients to significant Historic Preservation tax benefits.

Industrial Division

DYAS Construction Management has a division dedicated to accommodating our industrial clients across the Southeast. Our team of engineers has the ability to plan, design and deliver projects that meet the needs of our clients and deliver them in a lean and cost effective manner, while never sacrificing safety.